Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Around My Room

Dan took these pictures from around my bedroom on Saturday will I was dawdling and taking entirely too long to get ready for our Pittsburgh trip (or so it seemed to him.) After taking a peek at these, I'm thinking I should make a habit of running late to see what kinds of photos I can get out of him while he's waiting!

And now, a brief summary of each photo:

1. A gift from Claire (yes, food glamorizer girl).  I told you she gives great gifts!

2. A dried bouquet of yellow roses that Dan got me somewhere along the way.  Is it bad that I can't remember why? My best guess is from when I found out I landed my first librarian gig this summer.

3. A hat box from my Great Aunt Ruth full of old fur hats makes a lovely wall decoration.

4. A gift from a past teacher.

5. The top of my dresser.

6. As you can see, my scarf collection has gotten so large that it now needs its own coat rack, which works very well for scarf storage, I might add.


  1. Beautiful boat! I'm obsessed with all things nautical! x www.lostinthehaze.com

  2. beautiful pitures!xxx


  3. Libby! You got me hooked on Polyvore now, way to go. ;)

    My blog is http://differentcoloredhats.tumblr.com

    I'm not spamming I promise, just wanted to show you! haha.

    Keep up the beautiful work on your blog, I devour it daily.

  4. Great shots--thanks for the peek! Is that a Jackie O. black and white i spy on the wall?

  5. It's actually my favorite picture of Audrey Hepburn. I absolutely love the strange basket-like hat she's wearing in it!


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