Saturday, September 3, 2011

New Website!

Hi everyone! I alluded to this earlier, but now I'm actually ready to share with you the changes I've made to my blog.  (Well, to be honest Dan made the changes.)  With his help, I'm now ready to launch my new website:  My new blog is a Wordpress, and so far I like it much better than Blogger.  Head on over for a new post, and if you wish to continue (or begin) following me, you'll need to follow the new site either through RSS or Bloglovin'. If you're following this blog you will no longer receive my most recent posts.  Thank you for your support!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cleveland: Part II

As promised, here are the rest of my photos from my trip to Cleveland.  Before we left, I visited this little vintage shop that I found online while my dad got breakfast.  The Cleveland Shop was chock-full of beautiful vintage tops, skirts, dress, coats, and accessories.  We don't have any shops like this where I live, so this was quite the treat! I ended up getting two 1960's peter pan collared blouses and a little 1960's denim dress that I just adore! I will be sure to share photos very soon!

Photos by DAD!

Striped top: Thrifted
Accordion pleated skirt: Sassy Peacock Consignment
Shoes: Born

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cleveland: Part 1

This past weekend, my father and I traveled to Cleveland to see the sights.  Every summer since I graduated from high school we've gone on a father-daughter trip, and this was the sixth one! So far we've been to Toronto three times, Washington D. C. twice, and now Cleveland.  We stayed at a hotel right in the middle of everything downtown, which was so much fun because we were able to walk to almost everything!  

Our first evening there, we caught the second half of an Indians game and had dinner at a little Italian restaurant down the street from the hotel.  We could've walked to the game, but instead we rode in one of those little bicycle-powered carts, and the man that drove us recommended this great little diner to us that we got lunch in the next day.

These pictures are all from our second day there.  The two photos directly above are from the set of The Avengers, which was filming down the street from us.  The pictures below were all taken on East 4th Street, which was a very lovely street complete with twinkle lights strung from the roofs.  More photos to come!

Photos by DAD!

Jeans Jacket: Talbots
Dress: J Crew Outlet
Shoes: Born
Necklace: Borrowed from Mom

Thursday, August 11, 2011

an overcast day

Dan's parents are fortunate enough to have a really cool swap in their back yard.  One time, a beaver made a dam back there and they had a little lake going, but now it's mostly marshiness.  Speaking of marshes, there is a real estate agent in our area named Marsha Marsh, which always makes me giggle.  I just had to share.

I'm not sure if you can tell very well from these pictures, but my skirt has tiny yellow and navy sailboats all over it, and as soon as I saw it I knew it had to be mine.  My nautical obsession is starting to get a bit out of control, but I'm choosing to embrace it.

Photos by Dan.

Tank: Banana Republic Outlet
Sandals: Salt Water Sandals
Hat: Target
Sunglasses: Ray Ban Wayfarers

Tour of the Doucette House

As mentioned in my last post, my mother and I attended a Blueberry Social at the Doucette House in Edinboro on Sunday.  As promised, here are a few photos from the tour we took of the house.  This weekend my father and I are going to Cleveland for our annual Father Daughter Weekend, and I'll be taking the camera along for sure! The tradition first started the summer after I graduated from high school as a way for us to spend some nice quality time together.  So far we've been to Toronto three times (love it!) and Washington D. C. once.  This year we're keeping it a little closer to home, and it should be a lot of fun.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Blueberry Social

I had seen signs for the Edinboro Historical Society's Blueberry Social all over town, and I knew as soon as I laid eyes upon the first sign that I would be in attendance.  This Sunday, after church, my mom and I stopped by the Doucette House (pictured here buried in snow) to get a tour and enjoy a delicious blueberry cobbler.  I'll share the pictures of the Doucette House with you tomorrow, but today I thought I'd just focus on my outfit.  

This dress is my first 1960's dress that I own, and I am absolutely smitten! It's made of a lightweight, breezy fabric, which was perfect since it was in the high 80's and humid as we were touring an 150 year old house that obviously was not air conditioned.  I love the collar of the dress and the accordion pleats, but I think that my favorite details are the buttons up the back.  To cinch the waist, I added a belt that I picked up for a few bucks at the mall from Papaya.  I purchased this adorable piece from the lovely Maria of Custard Heart Vintage, and I would definitely recommend her Etsy shop.  My dress came in pristine condition, the shipping was very quick, and it was packaged very nicely.  If you hurry over to her shop, she's having a sale through tomorrow of 20% off everything! 

Photos by mom.

Dress: Custard Heart Vintage 
Vintage Dooney & Burke: Gift from Dan
Tan wedge heels: Liz Claiborne

Monday, August 8, 2011

A new kitty?!

All images taken from the Bass Loves Rachel Antonoff Facebook Page

If you follow this blog regularly, you may remember that both of my childhood cats passed away this year.  While I can't convince my parents to get any more kitties, Dan's mom is going to be getting one soon, and I can't wait! I like to think I'll be stopping by their house daily to visit the little darling.  And here's the's going to be all white, just like the kitten featured in the Bass Loves Rachel Antonoff Lookbook pictured above.  Don't worry, when the kitten arrives I'll take plenty of pictures to share with all of you!

By the way, I am in love the the shoes in the third photo, and I vow that someday they will adorn my feet.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Make Light

Dan took these pictures a little while ago on a bright, sunny day.  It was really fun experimenting taking pictures indoors since we usually take my blog photos outside.  Most of the photos were taken by the window in my bedroom, although the bench I'm sitting on above is in our entryway (my dad made it!)

This skirt is another piece that can be worn year round.  I wore it here way back in January, and I've worn it quite a few times this summer.  The fabric is so light and billowy.  It's one of those skirts that's fun to twirl around in.  You know what I mean, right?

 Photos by Dan.

Necklace: Mom's
Tank: Banana Republic Outlet
Skirt: Thrifted (90's Limited)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

pizza and more pizza

I may have mentioned this before, but I love all things nautical.  I truly do.  The nautical look has been my go-to look all summer.  Most days I find myself wearing something striped or navy or red or covered in anchors or sailboats or sometimes all things at once! I just got these navy Salt-Water Sandals in the mail a week ago and I've been wearing them non-stop ever since.  They're so comfy and go with practically everything I own.  I would like to get them in every color.  Perhaps I can start a Salt-Water Sandal collection.

Today has been a very lazy, quiet day full of walking, homework, lazing about, and pizza.  I had pizza for two meals that bad? I was craving it so badly I went on a bit of a pizza binge.  It was delicious.

Photos by Dan.

Top: Thrifted
Shorts: J Crew Outlet
Watch: American Apparel
Sandals: Salt-Water Sandals

Monday, August 1, 2011

heat wave

Photos by Dan.

Dress: American Eagle (last summer)
Belt: Thrifted & worn inside out
Shoes: Liz Claiborne
Sunglasses: Ray Ban Wayfarers

Okay, so I may have jumped the gun on my "Stay Tuned" post, because it turns out bloggy things are much more time consuming than I had ever imagined! I had planned on having everything ready by today, but they're not, so I'm going to go back to my regular posting schedule and I'll be sure to let you know when things are all finished!

It has been very, very warm here in northwest PA...I'm talking high 80's to low 90's and humid, and this dress has been a staple of my summer wardrobe.  These photos were taken last week at Dan's parent's house before he and I went out for a date night.  I believe it hit 94 degrees that day, and so we went to dinner at a nice, dark, air conditioned restaurant, where we both got steak sandwiches...yum! Happy August!