Monday, January 17, 2011

New Old Boots!

So I didn't end up driving to Pittsburgh today.  I just wan't up to traveling the four hours there and back by myself.  I think I'd better wait for a day when Dan wants to go with me.  Instead, I went to a small town about thirty minutes away to try thrifting at their Salvation Army.  It was a beautiful sunny winter day here and I really enjoyed watching the scenery and listening to some new bands on Rdio on my drive down.  

Once there, I found my new loves - these '90's black leather ankle boots! I've been searching nonstop for a pair of boots like these, and I can't believe I finally found a pair - for $4.89 no less! Now, as you can see, when I purchased them they were pretty beat up looking, so I decided to take before and after pictures and fix them up a bit.  All I did was buy new shoe laces and polish them up with some black shoe polish, and voila! New shoes! Look for them in upcoming outfit photos!

Photos by me!

'90's black leather ankle boots: thrifted.

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