Saturday, January 15, 2011

Date Night!

If you haven't caught on to the pattern yet, I will most likely only be posting outfit photos on the weekends.  This is due to the fact that my boyfriend/photographer, Dan, attends college out of town and is only home on the weekends.  We'll just have to make due.

Tonight was date night! We had a few gift cards from Christmas we hadn't used yet (one for the movies and one for dinner), so tonight we cashed in! We went to dinner and a movie for FREE! And in between  we walked around the mall for a little bit and stopped in at Barnes & Noble so that I could browse through the overpriced UK magazines/kill time.

It was very tempting being at the mall and knowing that I could not spend any money on clothes there...oh the temptation! I did purchase one thing...a pair of black sheer polka dot tights! Now might be a good time to mention a claus in my strictly second hand clothing New Year's Resolution that states that any unmentionables, including tights, shall be purchased new.  I think that's reasonable, although the alternative would certainly make for an interesting year most likely filled with snagged tights.

Photos by Dan.

Black and tan sweater: thrifted
Penny cutout necklace: gift from a friend/artist
Plaid bow headband: Gap
Black paque tights: Express
Black wool skirt: thrifted
Tan/olive green wool socks: gift from mom (Eddie Bauer)
Black suede boots: gift from grandma (Sam & Libby via DSW)

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