Sunday, January 23, 2011

Another sunny day?!

Well I'll be was another beautiful sunny day here again! Today was the typical Sunday: church, lunch out with Dan, and then running errands with my uncle who is staying with my family for awhile.  Dan and I did find a moment before he headed back to Bradford to snap these photos of my church outfit.

Tonight is a very important night in my neck of the woods, as the Steelers will be playing the NY Jets to see who will be going to the Super Bowl.  Now, normally I'm not a big sports person, but the Steelers are Dan's team and so the are my team by default, and you can't help but get excited when your team has a shot of making it to the Super Bowl, can you? Of course not! Good luck, Steelers!
Photos by Dan.

Navy blue wool jumper: thrifted.
Cream blouse: thrifted.
Bow pin: consignment.
Brown sweater tights: JC Penny.
Brown ankle boots: Etsy.
Dooney and Burke knock-off purse: consignment.
Sunglasses: Ray Ban.


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