Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Blueberry Social

I had seen signs for the Edinboro Historical Society's Blueberry Social all over town, and I knew as soon as I laid eyes upon the first sign that I would be in attendance.  This Sunday, after church, my mom and I stopped by the Doucette House (pictured here buried in snow) to get a tour and enjoy a delicious blueberry cobbler.  I'll share the pictures of the Doucette House with you tomorrow, but today I thought I'd just focus on my outfit.  

This dress is my first 1960's dress that I own, and I am absolutely smitten! It's made of a lightweight, breezy fabric, which was perfect since it was in the high 80's and humid as we were touring an 150 year old house that obviously was not air conditioned.  I love the collar of the dress and the accordion pleats, but I think that my favorite details are the buttons up the back.  To cinch the waist, I added a belt that I picked up for a few bucks at the mall from Papaya.  I purchased this adorable piece from the lovely Maria of Custard Heart Vintage, and I would definitely recommend her Etsy shop.  My dress came in pristine condition, the shipping was very quick, and it was packaged very nicely.  If you hurry over to her shop, she's having a sale through tomorrow of 20% off everything! 

Photos by mom.

Dress: Custard Heart Vintage 
Vintage Dooney & Burke: Gift from Dan
Tan wedge heels: Liz Claiborne


  1. That dress is so beautiful! I'm not surprised it came from Maria's shop...she has the prettiest things!

  2. What a quaint event! That sounds so charming, and like something I would like to do. In a similarly floral summer dress! I love it!

  3. How funny, I have a nearly identical 1960s dress, it is out of the same fabric (I've always loved the pattern) but has short sleeves and buttons in the front rather than the back. What brand is yours/are there any labels? I'll have to photograph mine soon so we can compare!

    Also, I'm smitten with the idea of a blueberry fest, sounds delicious.

  4. the dress is very cute! must go check out the shop.....:)

  5. My goodness, that dress is sweet as can be! And a blueberry social sounds like SO MUCH FUN! I wonder how to go about organizing one in my town? ;) You look completely adorable and I'm glad you had a fun time!

  6. thanks sweets, so nice of you to mention the shop. :) You look like a doll as usual and the Blueberry Social sounds like the perfect summertime activity.
    p.s. I know how you feel about the kitten Dan is getting. my mom just got a new puppy so I'm over at my parents house every chance I get!


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