Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Little Swedish Dress

I purchased this dress online via Etsy at Cleo Chrysanthemum.  I love its bright red, Swedish-feeling pattern, and its comfortable, loose fit.  I also love these shoes, but the soles crumbled and fell apart as I wore them through the backyard, which is why I'm glad I only paid a couple of bucks for them at the thrift store.  Oh the perils of thrift shopping.

Also, I have exciting blog news! I'm thinking about investing in a new camera.  Right now I'm thinking about a Nikon D3000, but I'm still doing my homework.  Well, to be fair, Dan is the one who is really into technology and gadgets and he is doing most of the research.  Also, I'm going to be getting a domain for my blog, and I'm thinking about transitioning to Wordpress.  

Photos by Dan.

Dress: Vintage via Cleo Chrysanthemum (Etsy)
Shoes: Etienne Aigner via thrift store


  1. That is so cute! I love little shift dresses and these photos are darling!

  2. The dress is so vibrant and has such a cool print! It looks really comfortable for hot weather too. Nice find!

  3. that dress is so precious! love the edging on the bottom!

    <3 steffy
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  4. Libby,This dress looks adorable on you and i love that you match the white flatts
    stay fabulous

  5. lovely dress...and yey for new cameras! I recently bought myself a Nikon 3100 and :)

  6. The lace at the hem of this dress is just too pretty, and I love the shift style shape! A very darling dress, indeed :D

  7. It's always tough to make a decision when buying a new camera. I did research for so long that the camera I ended up buying wasn't even released yet when I started the search. I would advise you to keep in mind what kinds of lenses you might be looking into buying. The lens matters more than the camera body.
    I know lots of fashion oriented bloggers are wild about 50mm f1.4 lens, but I have found the kit lens that came with my camera (Canon 60D... I'm a Canon girl) a 18mm-135mm to be far more versatile. I tend to use it more than my 50mm.

  8. Hi pretty gal! I love your dress! Red is a very nice color on you :)

    I really need a new camera too, but I am rather clueless as to what to buy. Mine is pretty much the cheapest model (which you can tell, because it is currently being held together with duct tape), and the photos it takes aren't great. I am going to do more research this time around though :) If you find something awesome I'd love to hear your advice!

  9. a new camera is always so exciting!I'm sure you can find a really great deal too since you're shopping around. i really love your relaxed summer look-- i had no idea your hair was wavy, so cute!

  10. The D3000 is meant to be pretty good. I hope you find a camera that you like!

    Thanks so much for the lovely blog comment :). x

  11. Thanks a lot <3
    A new camera? That sounds exciting ;)


  12. this dress is a lovely find. I love the originality and the prettiness of your photos!


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