Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sherlock Holmes

Today's outfit is inspired by none other than Sherlock Holmes.  I've always fancied mysteries (Murder, She Wrote and Dragnet were favorite TV shows growing up), and I just finished reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, so I decided to put together my best sleuthing outfit in the style of a young, female Sherlock Holmes.

To start, I figure a lady detective would want to wear something that doesn't stick out too much, so I opted for neutral blacks and tans.  My grandmother's antique magnifying glass necklace will surely help aid the investigation, so it is an obvious accessory.  Lastly, a detective needs something to occupy her mind during a long stake-out, and an antique Mark Twain compilation will help pass the time and give the mind a rest from snooping.

Photos by Dan.

Bowler hat: Thrifted
Cream lace blouse: Consignment Shop
Black sweater: Banana Republic Outlet
Wool Skirt: Thrifted
Black ankle boots: Thrifted
Mark Twain compilation: Thrifted
Black leather Coach purse: Ebay


  1. love it! and I love that you wear your grandmothers necklace x

  2. I like how you were inspired by Sherlock Holmes, I've been putting together outfits based on vintage movies & books lately too.

    The hat is perfect on you and the necklace is beautiful AND useful, what great combo.

  3. haha, love it! I used to read sherlock Holmes so much in highschool...that and Agatha Christie.

    I still really love that necklace, just so you know.

  4. Don't forget Nancy Drew! :)

  5. so cute i love the layering of the shirts, and the hat is perfect!

    <3 steffy

  6. you've got to be the cutest little sherlock I've ever seeen-- if i ever have an unsolved mystery in my life, i know who to call! :)

  7. ah i really love these pictures, your style is incredible, so unique :) loove that blouse so pretty

    hope you'll visit/follow

  8. High five!!! I have every intention of doing a Sherlock Holmes tribute, but you beat me to the punch! I love your interpretation! Sherlock Holmes is an unexpected style icon. I've been deciding whether I should purchase a deerstalker hat or not, but I have something similar and a bowler. I just need to find a stop in San Francisco that looks a little more English. Your grandmother's magnifying glass necklace is wonderful. I love antique trinkets.

    Thanks for checking out my blog, I really appreciate it! :)

  9. oooh oooh!! i just LOVE your style! so fun and vintage; this outfit reminds me of faye dunway from bonnie and clyde. following you! =)

  10. I like this set, I know the theme was Sherlock Holmes but it reminds me of a grown up Lucy Pevensie.

    Cait x

  11. love these pics... the snow and outfit together are perfect.

  12. JUST came across this because I suck at life, and I am totally in love. With this outfit, and you. Yes I am a total creeper but I don't care! I must now add you to my blogroll so that I'll remember to actually read your blog because it is amazing!

  13. oh my..i love your grandmother's necklace. so lovely.
    these pictures are wonderful and you look beautiful.
    wonderful post...Mr. Holmes is one of my favorite characters. ;)


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