Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Valentine's Surprise!

Yesterday Dan took me on a surprise thrifting trip to Pittsburgh! He knew I'd been wanting to go for quite some time, so yesterday we took advantage of the beautiful sunny weather and drove the two hours south in the name of second hand shopping.  I could hardly contain my excitement as I wondered what was waiting for me in the thrifts shops of a larger city.  We started at a Goodwill in the South Side, and I was a little disappointed because it seemed pretty picked over.  There were quite a few hipsters there doin' their hipster thing.  I did find these great loafers, though!

Next, we took a coffee break to refuel.  Now might be a good time to mention that when I say "coffee" I really mean some sugary confectionary drink that may have started off as espresso in the beginning but has evolved into something much sweeter by the time it reaches my lips.  The drink I got was called "The Mint Xondition" and it was fab!

Once I had my caffeine fix, we went to a Salvation Army in a seemingly remote part of town.  Rather than having a warehouse feel, as do most of the thrift stores I've rummaged through, this place had a much more intimate feel to it.  It was nestled in an older building and had two floors.  There I found these two gems! Can you believe it? I've been looking for more hats to add to my collection for ages, and I finally found them! The red one is definitely my favorite, but I have a feeling I'll get more wear out of the bowler.  I suppose we'll see!

Photos by Dan.

Grey wool hat: thrifted
Checkered grey blouse: Gap outlet (fall)
Teal cardigan: Eddie Bauer (gift)
Jeans: J Crew Outlet (gift)
Black 90's Coach purse: Ebay
Black ankle boots: thrifted
Locket and turquoise ring: Mom's
Cross: My Christmas gift from Dan!
Cat: Nippy


  1. greaat pictures!
    can u follow me? i follow you back!

  2. Yeeap! we're best friends! and she's going to start study to be a fashion designer, And I want to be a photographer so we combined all we love and we're trying to do great things!
    Please excuse me if my english is awful haha I don't know so much about it! We're now followin♥


  3. i know what you mean about seeing hipsters-- they're a sign a place has been "discovered." i've found my best thrift shops far far away from urban areas-- looks like you did score some goodies though!

  4. The color of your sweater looks awesome on you! And the hats would look awesome with your haircut. Pure perfection, my dear. Thanks for sharing!


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